Mondopiero brings the unique world of DTILE from The Netherlands to Australia to continue DTILE’s vision to tile the world…

The innovative and versatile tile system, designed in The Netherlands and made in Italy, allows for endless design possibilities and applications. Any space, object or surface can be fully tiled as a single, uninterrupted blanket of tile work. It is ideal for all conditions including indoors and outdoors, wet and dry areas, floors and walls and domestic, commercial and public applications. The tiles are great for areas where hygiene and safety are important. They meet the anti-slip standards, are durable and highly scratch-resistant and when used with special grouting are completely waterproof making them easy clean and maintain.

DTILE is not just a tile. The 15 x 15 cm tile is available in 20 stock colours and is complemented with functional and construction tiles that integrate seamlessly with the design system. The functional tiles integrate drains, air vents, shelves, hanging hooks, magnets and many other possibilities, while the construction tiles allow for the seamless and continuous application of rounded tiles around corners and curved surfaces. At the Velp factory, designers Arnout Visser, Erik Jan Kwakkel and Peter van der Jagt continue to experiment to improve and expand the range and the design possibilities of the functional and construction tiles.

The innovative and versatile design product is recognized and lauded by the international design community. DTILE has won many design awards, is featured in international design and interiors publications and in several European Design Museums’ permanent collections. Designers and architects have created beautiful spaces with DTILE including the Ma Cocotte restaurant in Paris by Philippe Starck, the Hotel Droog in Amsterdam by Droog Design, the Los Angeles Qantas first class lounge by Marc Newson and recently featured in Wallpaper magazine, the Shot café in London by Wilson Holloway.